the right EMS-partner

Assembling printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the world of electronics seems to be a standard procedure. Despite the high degree of automation it remains work for qualified experts. Tbp electronics has them on hand: from design to testing the product, from components purchase to quality control. The result: a perfect product, delivered on the right time for a price in conformity with the market.

Tbp electronics is your EMS-partner in:

  • early supplier involvement
  • development & design
  • engineering
  • purchasing
  • prototyping
  • assembling (box building included)
  • refurbishing
  • test engineering & testing
  • service

perfect partnership

Our highly qualified employees are able to give shape to perfection thanks to the right means such as software tools, a fully automated warehouse shuttle for storage of components, assembling machines and testing facilities. They are involved in a printed circuit board from the design even more frequently. It is improving the manipulability and reliability at an early stage already. This renders certainty, increases production rates and yields savings in costs. Tbp electronics: your assembling-partner that is paying attention to integrated costs and is having an eye for quality and is offering the shortest processing time possible.