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energy saving

tbp is using various measures to reduce its energy consumption. In 2016, local energy consultancy Energieke Regio carried out an energy scan and issued practical recommendations. These and other measures were incorporated into the tbp Energy reduction plan, which has already led to savings of 10% in 2017. We tried to save energy by investing in insulated retention walls for the synthetic façade. Solar panels on the roof generate energy which is used for production. The heating and cooling installations were also adapted, so residual heat from the machines can be used to heat up cooler areas. And thanks to segmenting, timers, motion sensors and LED lighting, we are able save a great deal of lighting energy. A new vacuum pump, which only switches on when it is in use, consumes even less energy and our car park now features four charging points for electric vehicles.

Sustainability is an integral focus. This is natural for an ISO 14001 certified company like tbp.



energy neutral

Goeree-Overflakkee wants to be fully energy-neutral by 2020. Motivated residents and local companies, including tbp, contribute to this ambitious objective in many different ways. That is why Jacob Herrewijnen, IT & risk manager at tbp, is a member of the work group that Energie Coöperatie 2.0 wants to set up on Goeree-Overflakkee. The aim is to supply and purchase self-generated green energy. Third parties can also participate. As a result, a trading platform has been created so green energy generates funds and becomes more attractive.



As part of the Energy Island conference in December 2017, 28 regional partners signed the ‘green’ hydrogen covenant. Hydrogen plays a significant role in energy transition. Excess sustainable energy, which will be available on the island after 2020, lends itself perfectly to the production of ‘green’ hydrogen. The province of Zuid Holland has identified Goeree-Overflakkee as a testing ground for innovative projects in this field. Wherever possible, tbp builds further on local and other initiatives.

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production phases

Our processes are categorised as the pre-production phase, production phase and post-production phase. You can watch videos of some of these processes here.

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Metaalunie terms and conditions 2019

In all cases in which we act as offeror or supplier, our offers, assignments given to us and agreements concluded with us are subject to the Metaalunie terms and conditions.

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strategy, mission, purpose

tbp electronics is a high quality company in the field of electronics manufacturing services (EMS). We are in the business of perfection and offer our customers fully integrated services relating to printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s). 

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