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improved tbp order tracking service

We are pleased to announce the new and improved web-service order tracking! The app functionality remains as is, but the online application via our website will show several improvements:

  • your deliveries for the coming 7 days are shown in the first overview
  • available stock is shown for all your products
  • smart search field: inhere it is possible to search on your order reference, your part number, tbp part number or part description
  • chronological overview for stock orders, purchase orders and production orders. Here three icons are shown: the first indicates deliveries, the second indicates available stock, the third production batches
  • per production batch you can click and view the production specifications (red = not started yet, yellow = started, green = finished)
  • per production batch you can view the amount of pcba’s scanned per operation.

Since Monday August 26th the new release tbp order tracking is online, we advise you to take a closer look! Do you not have a personal entry code for the tbp customer portal yet? Please send your request to Dana Wolters (dwolters@tbp.nl) and we will make sure you will receive it shortly (the customer portal services are free of charge).

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