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new: fast proto plant

We are pleased to introduce a new service from tbp electronics, namely our fast proto plant.

This new service has the following advantages for you as our customer:

  • on request, you will receive a fast proto quote for a maximum of 5 pieces
  • we will send your quotation within 24 hours (from the moment data is complete, quick & clean)
  • DfM light is included in this service (Design for Manufacturing)
  • a delivery time for your proto series of 10 working days (exact delivery date to be confirmed as soon as we received all components)
  • an unsurpassed time-to-market 

Before you experience the advantages of our fast proto plant, from the moment your pcba is on the designing table, we will be happy to advise you about Design for eXcellence (DfX). Please read more information on the advantages here. Or let this video by Frans Geerts "Money for Nothing" inform you about the story behind our early supplier involvement.


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