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new production line operational


Our modern new production line is up and running! We have been able to build the third unit at our main site in Dirksland in a very short time frame. We have decided to address the current situation in the market by also expanding our testing facilities and component inventory, and by employing around twenty new employees. This has been done to keep pace with increasing demand for printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s).


The two existing lines for protos and smaller series have been moved to our other premises at the same industrial site. This has allowed us to create space for our new line. All installed machines are the very latest of their kind. One of the advantages is that we possess an ultra modern solder paste dispenser. The new 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) with extra-precise cameras now allows us to better inspect even the smallest components! In addition, the speed of pick-and-place machines has also been improved. All equipment in the line features the “Hermes” communication protocol and is ideal for horizontal communication.

Read the press release of 13 September 2018 here.


thanks to our partners

Due to the hard work of our employees and equipment suppliers Mycronic, Partnertec, Nutek and W&S Benelux, we were able to set up and commission our new production line in only a few weeks’ time. The existing lines simply continued to operate as normal during all activities. All machines now operate for two shifts, which means extra smart operators have been employed since the expansion.


more testing capacity

Design for Testing allows us to maximise test accessibility and test coverage of the design. The most suitable strategy is determined by the required delivery quality, the complexity of the design and the desired investment in test solutions. The most effective and efficient option is the Extended Boundary Scan Test Solution (EBST), which we have developed in-house for automatically detecting potential faults on pcba's.

We have installed three extra base stations in order to expand EBST capacity. We now have eight in total, which is a considerable expansion. A flying probe-tester has also been added to our production lines. Four of them are now operational. This increase in testing capacity has helped to improve the efficiency of the production process.


larger inventory

The number of components we keep in stock has almost doubled. This upscaling of operations has been enabled by an increase in the number of procurement and warehouse staff. This measure was necessary due to the global scarcity of electronic components, which is expected to continue in the long-term.


early supplier involvement

Early supplier involvement allows us to help customers to perfect their pcba design, select the best components and decide the best testing strategy. We do so using specialists in the field of Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Testing (DfT). Design for Logistics (DfL) helps us to ensure maximum delivery flexibility. Design for Cost (DfC) means clients can rely on the best value of ownership. Together, these steps are called Design for eXcellence (DfX).


delivery reliability

Our early supplier involvement and in-house developed EBST have helped to increase demand, particularly in the medical, defence and aerospace industries. Naturally, we also possess all required certificates for these sectors.

Thanks to all these measures, we can continue to meet increasing demand for pcba’s with the highest quality, best service and maximum delivery reliability.



tbp - the business of perfection

tbp electronics is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company and offers integrated services in the field of printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s). Clients benefit from the highest product value and the best value of ownership. This has been realised via design optimisation when it comes to manufacturability, testability, delivery flexibility and costs, and has resulted in maximum production efficiency and maximum quality. The ‘tbp’ brand is thus automatically synonymous with the business of perfection.

We are involved in the earliest design phase and our effectiveness can be attributed to our early supplier involvement, Design for eXcellence (DfX), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Testing (DfT), Design for Logistics (DfL) and Design for Cost (DfC). We are also a specialist in supply chain management, smart industry, test engineering and cabinet construction.

We employee over 140 people and have more than forty years’ experience in a variety of sectors: semi-conductor, industrial, oil & gas, construction, telecom and ICT, media and entertainment, medical, aerospace, smart farming, shipping, defence and offshore. This means we possess all necessary certificates with regards to quality, process control, the environment, the medical sector, defence and the aerospace industry. The tbp head office is located at Goeree-Overflakkee in Dirksland, the Netherlands.

tbp press contact

tbp electronics bv
Ms Dana Wolters
Vlakbodem 10 • 3247 CP Dirksland • the Netherlands
t         +31 187 602744
f        +31 187 603497
e        info@tbp.nl

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