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tbp helps to accelerate delivery of respiratory equipment

tbp helps to accelerate delivery of respiratory equipment


Since the Coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands, tbp electronics has accelerated the supply of crucial components to clients in the medical sector. Amongst other things, this includes ventilation modules for Demcon macawi respiratory systems, which are now so important to hospitals.

This particular customer has witnessed a ten-fold increase in orders for its life-saving respirators. Demcon and tbp have been working together for many years, with tbp assuming responsibility for producing and supplying printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s). Considering the high demand for respirators, new requests for these specific PCBA's are expected to follow.

supply chain management

This means it is extremely important to safeguard the supply of essential high-quality components; in this case, tbp electronics will be counting on its suppliers and their temporary deliveries. They can thus also play an important role in supplying large batches of medical equipment – like the afore-mentioned respiratory modules - that hospitals need so urgently at this moment in time.


This is tbp electronics’ way of supporting healthcare and nursing professionals in their mission to save Coronavirus patients.

more information

More information can be found at Demcon macawi respiratory systems and tbp.nl

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